Underwater photography at El Nido

In this the latest video diary around my Wild Philippines photography work, I look at the few days I spent in beautiful El Nido, a magnificent place of rocky islands close to the northern tip of Palawan, in the far west of the Philippines.

Diving here brought up photography of a shoal of snappers, several turtles, and some stunning corals.

I hope you love it! You can also see this video on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nigelhicksphoto, where you can share it to your friends and followers.

Beautiful Devon photography almost finished!

The photography for my next book, Beautiful Devon, is almost complete, with just a few little subjects to pick off.

A dusk view of the harbour at Ilfracombe, Devon, Great Britain.

Very much a photography led book about this beautiful county in southwest England, Beautiful Devon will be targeted at the tourism market, hopefully appealing to anyone wanting a photographic memento of the area.

The book will cover landscapes, tourist attractions, the cities, the sea and some of the watersports. Publication will be next spring, so still a way to go yet.

Watermouth Bay at sunset, near Ilfracombe, Devon, Great Britain.

I’ll keep everyone informed of upcoming developments. Meanwhile, you can see a few photos from the project by clicking on the link below. This gallery is currently rather small, but it will be expanded in due course.

See Beautiful Devon photos

Kite-surfing and windsurfing at Exmouth, Devon, Great Britain.

Recent photography – new galleries!

Much of the photography I’ve been working on over the past few months is now starting to look like a coherent package of work, instead of just a tangled collection of shots.
A dusk view of Sutton Harbour, in the Barbican, Plymouth, Devon, Great Britain.
Basically, it all fits into two projects, both of them upcoming books. The first is rather tourism-related and is for my next book, Beautiful Devon, a book about just that county, and which will be published next spring.
The second is some fairly random wildlife photography targeted for what is intended to be the next book in the Wild series – scheduled to be Wild South – if and when we decide that Wild Southwest has been a success.
I’m in danger of starting to ramble here, but the upshot is that I’ve finally put together two collections of sample images (rather small samples) onto the website, and you can see them by clicking the link below:
To whet your appetite, a micro-sample of the images is included here…. I hope you enjoy.
Common Blue butterflies, Polyommatus icarus, mating, in Meeth Quarry Nature Reserve, near Hatherleigh, Devon, Great Britain.